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My client’s goals are my number one priority, and with patience and determination, it’s my mission to make those goals a reality. I strive to create a fun and enjoyable experience for my clients, and I have systems in place to prevent inevitable issues before they happen in order to mitigate the overall stress level of your experience.

Are you thinking of buying or selling, or considering a move to the area? I’d love to talk to you to see how I can help and answer any questions you have.


The Hawley Strategy for Sellers

Say hello to The Hawley Strategy! With my custom-built system, you are the shining star of the show. I’m here to make sure you’re heard, seen, and appreciated every step of the way. From start to finish, I’m all about clear communication, expert guidance, and top-notch TLC. 

Because with The Hawley Strategy, it’s all about winning – for you and for me!

While this approach is intended for sellers, a similar customized plan can be developed for buyers as each transaction is unique and requires an individualized approach.

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With thousands of choices at your fingertips, decision fatigue is bound to set in. My streamlined process empowers you to narrow in on your buying goals so that you can achieve them in the fewest steps possible.


Get your property noticed with my Signature Seller Success Strategy. From pricing to timing to marketing I make sure your listing cuts through the noise and gets seen by your buyer,I’ll make sure you win.


Whether you’re looking to flip or purchase a rental home for passive income, I have access to not only three separate MLS systems but also access to off market properties as well. 


“A call to a past client is not a sales call. It is a relationship call. And there is a world of difference.”

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